The style of yoga you choose is important

It needs to suit your body and your mind – we don’t believe in forcing your body to do a style of yoga it doesn’t like. We explain below what to expect in our classes so you can find the right blend of effort and ease, with a teacher who inspires you. Our classes all feature postures, breathwork and deep relaxation. They range from gentle to challenging, and we always teach with a mindful approach. With practice yoga can bring you physical vitality, mental harmony and profound inner peace. 

For people completely new to yoga we recommend our Beginners Level 1 course, and for those wishing to deepen their practice we suggest our Beginners Level 2 course.

Classes Open to All

Open to all levels of experience from beginners to old hand, with yoga that is accessible, interesting and fulfilling to everyone. You’ll work at a steady pace and you’ll feel stretched, strengthened and soothed. Always includes deep relaxation. Fine for early pregnancy.


Dynamic Classes

For those with some experience of yoga who like a faster-paced practice, building heat and exploring more challenging postures. May include pranayama, always includes deep relaxation.


Beginners Yoga

Level 1

Open to All 

We offer beginners yoga courses in a flow style of yoga, introducing mindfulness, postures, breathwork and relaxation. You’ll learn the basics of sun salutations and the standing and floor postures. Our skilful teachers can help anybody regardless of age or stiffness find an enjoyable way to practice. If you have never done yoga before, we recommend you attend a beginners yoga course, or try an Open to All class.

Beginners Yoga

Level 2

Open to All

This course is for those of you who have done our beginners course and want to explore postures, breathwork and mindfulness a little deeper, or for anyone who’s done yoga in the past, feels a bit rusty and wants to get back into it. The course is a great stepping stone into our Dynamic classes. Expect more alignment instructions, slightly more ‘strong’ stuff, perhaps some Yin Yoga and a wonderful restorative relaxation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Open to All

Join Sophie online for 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Sit near a window or in the garden/yard/balcony if possible, on a chair or on a cushion on the floor. We’ll explore breath awareness and embodiment, keeping it simple and steadying. Suitable for everyone.


Gentle Hatha Yoga

Open to All

Our daytime class is a slow-paced, calm class open to all. Gentle stretches will improve posture and overall strength, and increase vitality. There will be attention to detail in the posture, making the session suitable for anyone in recovery from illness or injury, and a focus on deep breathing and relaxation means you will feel nourished and nurtured. Suitable for any age or experience – beginners welcome. The class is also good for the early stages of pregnancy, but please only choose the in-studio option if you are pregnant.

Vinyasa Flow


This is a strong flow practice which will give you a good workout, revitalising and energising. You’ll start slowly, inviting kindness and mindfulness into your practice, then build up heat as you move through plenty of sun salutes, standing poses and floor postures. Like all our classes the foundation is mindful breathwork. Class finishes with deep relaxation. It’s suitable for those with experience of yoga and for people getting back into yoga with a good level of fitness.

Yin Yoga

Open to All

Yin is one of the most delicious forms of yoga you can experience. It is a passive, non-ambitious practice, with long-held floor poses and deep attention to mindfulness and mindful breathing. It targets connective tissue and joints rather than muscles, gently encouraging a quiet internalised approach. We emerge from a yin practice feeling centred, balanced, whole and relaxed.

Pregnancy Yoga

Open to All

The Stables is a Centre of Excellence for pregnancy yoga. Regularly voted the best pregnancy classes in York, we offer several classes per week. “Inspiring. Much more than just a yoga class – there’s birth preparation, friendship and lots of information. The best classes in the area, by a long way.” Sophie Carr and Alison Goodwin have been sharing their passion for yoga, pregnancy, birth and post-natal work for more than twenty years. Thousands of mothers have enjoyed their classes, developing a wonderful sense of community, lasting friendships and support.

Postnatal + Baby Yoga

Open to All

More than a yoga class, our postnatal classes are a unique blend of yoga and supportive space for you and your baby.  Our yoga practice is gentle: soft movement to release tightness and tension, ease aches and pains and tone your tummy and pelvic floor. Breathing, meditation and relaxation help you feel rested and refreshed, even if you didn’t get much sleep last night.  There’s time for discussion, sharing experiences and tips, and bucketloads of reassurance. We support and encourage you to trust your own instinct about what is right for you and your baby. And we make you a hot cup of tea with biscuits!

Energising Vinyasa Flow


This class is dynamic, playful and challenging. You’ll dive much deeper into what yoga has to offer in terms of stronger postures, inversions, breathwork and philosophy. The pace is faster and you’ll build strength, flexibility and focus – and music playing throughout adds another dimension. This class is run as a course, meaning you’ll be with the same people and can develop community and connection as you share the journey together.

Menopause Yoga

Open to All

If you feel overwhelmed, tired, angry, hot, anxious, brain-fogged, if
you can’t sleep, or feel a lack of joy in life, yoga may help. Menopause Yoga is both a therapeutic style of yoga designed to help women manage menopause symptoms, as well as an empowering approach to this stage of life. Whether we are on HRT or not, whether we are in peri- or post-menopause, whether we are finding our symptoms debilitating or not, ALL women need nurturing through the extraordinary menopause journey.


Gentle Hatha + Yin

Open to All

A seriously gorgeous combination of Hatha and Yin Yoga: explore gentle stretches, marinade in floor postures for longer periods of time and travel inwards, cultivating a happier headspace. There’s a special focus on breath and mindfulness, helping to alleviate stress. This class is accessible to all and aims to improve mobility, boost circulation and reduce tension, thus restoring your energy.


Acro Fridays


Come along to our Acro Fridays sessions to learn to fly! During these sessions, suitable for people with or without experience of acroyoga, we will learn to fly, base and spot acroyoga poses. Acroyoga is a brilliant dynamic practice, combining strength-building with heaps of fun. We’ll work in partners and groups, and you are welcome to come alone or bring friends.


Wild Feminine Yoga ~ Dru Inspired flow

Suitable for all ladies, especially peri and menopausal ladies.

Classes are structured around the Moon phases and gentle energy based Slow Yoga that includes: Essential Oils ~ Mudra ~ Meditation ~ Embodied movement ~ Yoga postures and sequences and Relaxation.

Class passes not valid, payment directly to Andrea


Classes are £12.50 for 90 mins Mondays 7.30pm – 9pm