Lucy Corbally

Lucy has been teaching yoga for almost a decade and practicing for much longer. She discovered yoga in a community hall in north London whilst studying psychotherapy. It sparked a passion for a practice that is useful and applicable to our own unique experience of everyday, real life. 

Her classes are based in Hatha/vinyasa flow styles and incorporate teachings from many other inspiring yoga disciplines. Classes focus on flowing movement, breath and energy to create a full experience for body, mind and spirit, encouraging people to connect to the innate power and beauty of their own bodies and minds. They are an expression of creativity, joy and kindness. 


She has taught and studied all over the world and continues to study, train and practice daily. Her particular interests are the applications of yoga for mental health, postnatal support and yoga for young children and teens.

Lucy lives in Selby with her partner, two young children, and a mad old cat.