Zoe Speekenbrink

Zoe has been practising yoga consistently since her early 20’s, thought first experience of yoga was as a 9-year-old girl when she attended a few children’s yoga classes taught by her best friend’s mother. Around 2009 Zoe started practising and fell in love with yoga when she tried out a Jivamukti yoga class in 2010 “I loved the dynamic and playful nature of this particular style of yoga and the space that it gave me to connect with my body. This style of yoga allowed me to dive much deeper into what yoga could mean for me and it became an increasingly important part of my life.”

In 2018 Zoe completed her 200hr Vinyasa flow yoga teacher training. Since that time she has also trained in yoga and mindfulness for teenagers (Zoe is a qualified youth worker and has worked with young people of forced migrant backgrounds for over 12 years), Mandala Vinyasa yoga and in the Detour Method.

Zoe’s classes combine flowing and embodied movement with strength and mobility work. Her classes offer a physical challenge and will leave you feeling energized and calm.