Russ Thorne

Russ found yoga after studying martial arts for many years, and enjoyed that it offered many of the same mental, emotional, spiritual and physical benefits without anyone trying to kick him in the face. He trained with Yogacampus at the Stables (and was taught in part by Sophie and Chloe) and at this early stage of his teaching career is particularly interested in teaching yoga in a lighthearted, accessible way that still honours its roots and respects the millennia-old wisdom tradition it represents.

When not teaching yoga Russ is a professional writer and slightly
ramshackle country guitar player, so his teaching leans heavily into
storytelling, music and the lessons Kenny Rogers has for asana practice. You gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, folks.

You can also expect some dog chat and dad jokes. Russ lives just around the corner from the Stables and can often be seen roaming the neighbourhood with his two idiot dogs. Do come and say hello.